Rose Tennent
Nationally Syndicated Conservative Radio Talk Show Host

Rose Tennent is co-host of "America's Morning Show with Quinn & Rose," a syndicated, Conservative talk radio show, heard on Pittsburgh's FM Newstalk 104.7, and various affiliates across the US, including XM Satellite Radio (Channel 158).

She's sassy and witty, bringing insight on issues regarding politics, faith, and family values.

She is the first and only female fill-in host for "The Sean Hannity Show," and is a frequent guest on "Hannity," on the Fox News Channel.

She is a national speaker, including the Washington DC National Tea Party and the DC Prayer Service, The Mandeville, LA tea party with Herman Cain, and guest speaker at The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference as well as other national and local tea parties and events.

In her opinion, the most important title she has is "mom".

Website: The War Room with Quinn & Rose